Vinyl Pressing

Turn times are 7 to 9 weeks.

Until further notice: Due to worldwide increases in freight and shipping, Musicol is adding a surcharge of 25 cents per pound to all vinyl orders. This charge is due to the increased costs of shipping incurred on vinyl materials worldwide. Until worldwide shipping demand falls in line with capacity, we are forced to add this surcharge to all orders.

Vinyl Pricing

The below prices go into effect on April 1, 2023. Pressing price includes:

  • Mastering (lacquer cutting)
  • Stamper
  • 5 Test Pressings
  • Labels (Black ink on White Paper; all others are considered full color and are an extra $160.00)
  • Records
  • Plain White Paper Sleeves
  Standard Black Vinyl Pressing Pricing
# of Records
Colored Vinyl (per 100)
add $70 per 100
add $90 per 100
Extra Tests (each)
Random Color (Limited Availability)
Same as Black
Same as Black
Custom Vinyl Pressing Pricing
Glow in The Dark Vinyl (per 100)
add $240  per 100
add $425  per 100

You can choose from a wide variety of vinyl colors including

  • Clear
  • Coke Bottle Clear
  • Transparent Green
  • Transparent Blue
  • Transparent Red
  • Transparent Gold
  • White
  • Opaque Yellow
  • Opaque Red
  • Opaque Blue
  • Opaque Violet

Notes on Colored Vinyl: Due to the vinyl manufacturing process, there will be slight variations in the vinyl color. Musicol recording can not be held responsible for colored vinyl variations.

Notes on Colored “Changeover” Records: In any colored record job there will be a few randomly colored records as we change the color. These are called Changeover Records and will be included in your run. The colored records count in your order starts when the record is more of your chosen color than of the changeover color.

If you have any questions or concerns on the colored vinyl manufacturing process, please contact us by calling 614.267.3133.

Re-Ordering Vinyl

Reorder prices are $1.80 per record for 12″ vinyl and $1.10 per record for 7″ vinyl, plus the following setup fee:

Quantity Setup Fee

Submitting Your Masters

Masters should be supplied in the following formats:

  • Audio CD-R master in Redbook Standard CD format
  • WAV/AIFF files (we accept 16-bit or 24-bit WAV or AIFF files with a sampling rate of either 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz or 96kHz).
  • 1/4″ Analog Tape (sequenced and including reference tones)

WAV/AIFF files should be clearly labeled and saved on a data CD-R, DVD-R or a USB flash drive formatted to FAT32, exFAT or NTFS.

There is a $30 charge for any format changes needed.

There is no extra charge to cut your master from 1/4″ analog tape. However, your tape should have test tones, and be sequenced and ready to play. Any additional sequencing done in house will be billed as studio time at $50/hr.

Vinyl Pressing Time Guidelines

  • 7″ | 33 RPM | 07 min per side
  • 7″ | 45 RPM | 4.5 min per side
  • 12″ | 33 RPM | 18 min per side
  • 12″ | 45 RPM | 12 min per side

For more information about mastering your music for vinyl, read our Vinyl Mastering Guidelines. PLEASE NOTE: We are not responsible for pressing and cutting defects on sides longer than the recommended times.

Required Forms

  • Record Order Form: PDF
  • Mandatory Indemnification Agreement: PDF
  • Rights to Duplicate:PDF
  • Transfer of Rights: PDF


  • 12 inch Center Label for Artwork: PDF
  • 7 inch Large Hole Center Label for Artwork: PDF
  • 7 inch Small Hole Center Label for Artwork: PDF

Lacquer Cutting

Included in the cost of your Musicol vinyl pressing job is in-house mastering (lacquer cutting). We also do mastering for other pressing plants. We can do standard or custom lathe cuts for any vinyl production run. Mastering Prices are listed below.

Standard Lacquer Cutting

$75.00 (per side)
(per side)

Custom Laquer Cutting

Locking Groove (per)
Inside Out Cut (per side)

Dub Plates / One Off Records

We offer dub-plate cutting services. We use the same all analog mastering setup to cut dub-plates (one off records). Pricing and suggested time per side are listed below.

Standard Dub-Plate Cutting


Custom Dub-Plate Cutting

Locking Groove (per)
Inside Out Cut (per side)

Dub Plate Time Guidelines

  • 7″ | 33 RPM | 07 min  per side
  • 7″ | 45 RPM | 4 min 30 secs per side
  • 10″ | 33 RPM | 7 min 45 secs per side
  • 10″ | 45 RPM | 6 min 15 secs per side
  • 12″ | 33 RPM | 11 min per side
  • 12″ | 45 RPM | 8 min 15 secs per side

Record Jacket Pricing

  Printed Record Jacket Pricing
CMYK Full Color Printed Jackets

If you don’t see a record or jacket option listed, don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 614.267.3133.