Tape Transfers

Analog and Digital Tape Transfers

Not only can you record to analog tape at Musicol, but you can transfer your old tape reels to digital. We can transfer a variety of multitrack formats to 24-bit multitrack WAV files:

  • 2” 16-track
  • 2” 24-track
  • 1” 8-track
  • 1/2″ 4-track
  • 1/4” 4-track
  • 1/4” stereo
  • 16-bit ADAT
  • DAT
  • R-DAT

Now you can mix those sessions in your Digital Audio Workstation! $100 per reel includes tape maintenance (potential baking or splice fixes), transfer to 24-bit WAV and a USB thumb drive containing your files. These can be imported into Pro Tools, Logic, Reaper… any DAW of your choice.

Additional fees may apply, so contact us for details.

NOTE: These physical formats deteriorate with age. As a result, not all tapes can be transferred. In some cases, DAT, R-DAT and ADAT tapes are susceptible to damage during playback. Every effort is made to preserve the integrity of your tapes during transfer.